Here are some of the reasons why our parents & students love YSCP

Young Scholars of Central PA Charter School, a no-tuition K-8 grade public school, focuses on teaching students to be life-long learners and preparing them for a global economy. The school offers a rigorous curriculum in a fun and interactive environment, emphasizing world cultures. YSCP has received Keystone Achievement Awards from the Pennsylvania Department of Education every year since opening. Students attend from 12 area school districts.

Small class size leading to individual learning

We limit class size to 20 students per class which improves student outcomes, grades and test scores. Small classes allow each child to be seen as a unique, whole person, with his or her own learning style and pattern of growth.

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Small class sizes
Small class sizes

Daily Chinese & Spanish instruction K-8 Grade

Every student at YSCP learns Chinese and Spanish on a daily basis. Students in grades K through 8 are taught Chinese and Spanish in leveled groups, allowing them to be challenged according to their needs. This skill based grouping allows for students to expand their vocabularies in either language based upon their current skill level.

Young Scholars Central PA Charter School is an authorized IB World School

Young Scholars Central PA CS offers an ideal setting for students to pursue the IB program. The administration and staff seek to support students in their pursuit of academic excellence, extra-curricular achievement, citizenship and most importantly personal growth. YSCP IB preparation program is joining to form a proven successful program with a diverse community of outstanding students and dedicated staff.

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Development of the whole child including fine arts & character education

Students follow a schedule that includes weekly offerings in addition to core subjects at YSCP. These subjects include art, music, character education, and physical education. Additionally, students in fourth grade and up are able to join choir and band with individualized and group lessons. Middle school students may choose to focus further on art by selecting the fine arts elective.

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Comprehensive curriculum with strong focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math

YSCP provides a rigorous curriculum emphasizing math, science and reading in all grades. As a multi-cultural school, all students also have the opportunity to learn Chinese and/or Spanish. We integrate world cultures and technology in all grades, helping to make the school day fun yet structured.

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Small class sizes

Highly qualified & dedicated staff

YSCP hires only the most qualified and dedicated teachers to instruct our students. We believe in supporting our teachers in every way, from additional resources, to open communication with administration. Teacher education is on-going and supplemented with in-service education and off-site courses. We survey parents to get feedback on how well their childs’ teacher is doing in meeting their expectations.

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Effective parent involvement

YSCP believes that the success of each student involves a joint effort between students, parents and teachers. At YSCP, your opinions count and your contributions are valued.

Small class sizes
Small class sizes

Global focus with an emphasis on intercultural understanding

As a charter school in a very multi-cultural community, we have students who join us from many countries around the world. We celebrate our diversity through numerous events & celebrations through out a year. YSCP also works closely with non-native English speaking students to help them integrate into our language and culture through our English as a Second Language (ESL) programs.

Cutting-edge technology

Technology is highly integrated into our school. Because technology continues to play an important role in a modern industrial society, integrating technology into YSCP helps prepare our students to succeed in a rapidly changing world.

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Small class sizes

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