Our parents share their experiences and thoughts about Young Scholars of Central PA Charter School.

Heard very good things about the school. I am interested in introducing my child to multiple languages at an early stage. With all the after school activities the school has I think it would be very good exposure to the kids.

We love what Young Scholars of Central PA stands for and its’ mission. What really peaked our interest is the language immersion Young Scholars offers, coupled with a curriculum that evolves around educating our children about different cultures, as well as the basic academic subjects which would benefit our child significantly. Young Scholars offers a well-rounded, competitive, and successful program that can build a great foundation for my daughter and set her on a path for academic success in school and in the world. Young Scholars is simply the best choice, hands-down.

My son attended young scholars I loved the academics there and as well as how they prepare them for college you played a really big part in my son’s life he is now a junior at Shippensburg university and I want the same life experiences for my daughter.

I have heard amazing things about Young Scholars. The opportunities that are given to each student are above and beyond the expectations, I had for an elementary school. My husband and I both love the idea of this school and what it can offer to my son. My son is smart and needs a school who will feed his eager appetite for learning.

I hear many good things about Young Scholars and the two that stick out to me the most is the diversity at the school and the exceptional learning curriculum. My son loves to learn and I believe that this school is what he needs to continue developing socially and academically.

As a bicultural and bilingual family, we are excited by the diversity at the school and the exposure students to get different cultures and languages. In particular, we like that our son will be able to take Spanish every year and be placed into a class based on skill rather than years studied (He speaks Spanish at home with dad). We also really like the variety of after-school clubs and that there is an emphasis on STEM as part of the curriculum.

I wish for my children to attend Young Scholars because I believe they love to learn and be around happy people who love to teach them. My children have two culture being American and African I have heard a lot about the Young Scholars foreign language program in think it would be great for my children to explore their culture more. My children work better in small groups where the environment is happy and go lucky. I believe my children will be a great fit and this school will be a great fit for them.

Based on word-of-mouth recommendations, observations, and comparison among other available school options, we believe our son would thrive most in the YSCP environment. It seems YSCP offers not only a rigorous learning environment, but also social development, and this sort of well-roundedness is what we seek.

We have heard excellent things about the educational opportunities provided at Young Scholars and we would like for our child to attend to experience them.

After working as a teacher for the first half of the year, I am very impressed by the academic and cultural atmosphere. I would like to enroll my son here as a kindergarten student so that he gets the cultural experiences that the school has to offer.

My daughter is a brilliant, empathetic, understanding young lady who could benefit from smaller class sizes and rigorous academic instruction.

I would like my daughter to have the same high-quality education as her brother. Everyone at the school has been so accommodating and welcoming. I want my daughter to have the same chances. I love the focus on diversity and character education provided at YSCP along with the high academic standards.

I believe that Young Scholars of Central Pennsylvania has a lot to offer to the young minds through its diverse and multi-cultural approach towards building the personality of its students, teaching them life skills in a nurturing and thriving environment, preparing them to embrace life’s challenges and thus transforming them into future global citizens.

Our daughter is of Hispanic descent and we would like her to be in a diverse school where she will feel included and celebrated. We are interested in the education provided; including the languages being taught at your school. We are also interested in the after school clubs that you offer.

We wish for our child to be immersed in an education that encourages diversity and celebrates all cultures. It is our hope that with smaller class size and advanced technology in the classroom, it will help her to excel and encourage her love of learning.

We have heard wonderful things from colleagues and friends. In particular, we feel strongly that our son have a broad exposure to different cultures and languages. Both my husband and I have spent time living abroad, and believe that openness to different world views is more important than ever before.

Young Scholars is an amazing school that embraces many different cultures. I love the diversity and emphasis on languages.

We have heard great things about the school from parents whose children are attending the school, and we think that my daughter will benefit immensely from the environment there.

I would like my daughter to benefit from the robust academic offerings at Young Scholars. Her cousins have been attending the school and I am deeply impressed with their progress thus far. I believe Young Scholars commitment to academic rigor and diverse experiences are essential for a well-rounded education.

An understanding of the world from a global perspective was the cornerstone of her preschool education and not something I have found at her current school. I have heard wonderful things about the diversity and academic excellence of your school and I think my child would thrive there.

To put it briefly, I am seeking out a progressive and intellectually demanding school for my daughter. I am particularly drawn to Young Scholars because of the individualized educational opportunities. I am also delighted by Young Scholars’ drive to create culturally and globally aware citizens. And lastly, the small but strong community at Young Scholars is essential.

I would like to have my daughter enrolled because I think she has a lot of potential and would thrive with all the extra leaning your school has to offer. I want her to be a part of something that is outside of our “little town” ways so that she knows there is so much more out there in the world to learn and enjoy.

We have heard many good things about Young Scholars from our friends and colleagues who have children there. We are especially eager to have our children attend a school with the ethnic, racial, linguistic, and cultural diversity at Young Scholars, which we discovered is very rare and unique here in State College. Your strong language and science program is also of interest to our family as we wish to have our children in multilingual classrooms daily, and the intellectual rigor of the IB program is of tremendous value to us as well.

Based on our research of all local options, we feel this would be the best fit for her. Having a multicultural background, we feel she would benefit from sharing and learning from her peers as she explores the whole world through her education. It would be ideal to stick with the same education model from the very beginning rather than start after attending her Kindergarten year at another school.

I strongly support charters and their belief in education. They are much different than public schools, with a hands-on approach. My daughter has grown so much at her former charter and I cannot imagine having to go to public school. With a charter I feel she will not slip through the cracks, instead, she will continue to excel beyond her years. I would love to be a part of your charter family and show all the love and support for what you all do on a daily basis.

My oldest daughter attends YSCP and she loves it. The school provides a very positive environment for the students to learn, and we appreciate how diversity is celebrated there. The schools focus on math, science and foreign languages are important to us, as we believe these skills will be critical in helping our daughters to achieve success in their futures. We also love the close, tight-knit community at YSCP. It has been a positive influence on our oldest daughter and we would like for my daughter to benefit from all the school has to offer as well.

We would like our son to be enrolled at Young Scholars of Central Pennsylvania because we feel he would get a well-rounded education there. The inclusion of multiple languages is unique and we love that it is a globally focused school. We like that music, art, and physical education are included in the curriculum. The small class sizes are ideal for our son and we hope that he is able to attend this fall.

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