Watch our parents and teachers share their experiences and thoughts about Young Scholars of Central PA Charter School.

YSCP Staff and Parents

Our child is an only child and never attended any type of daycare, her first year of school has been a good learning experience for interacting with other children. Her teacher has commented that our child mediates disputes of other children, wants everybody to share, and is a positive influence on other children. We’re pleased with this aspect of development outside of strictly classroom learning material, as we feel that YSCP has helped her develop well rounded social skills. We’re also pleased with the diversity of her classroom, as she has fellow students from multiple cultures that she would only have been able to read about in a book if she went to our local public school.

Her math has improved and she has become interested in learning about other cultures. She has developed a love for reading, and she enjoys doing her work. She also wants to do well in school.

A Parent

The teachers and staff at YSCP have been so supportive. We came back to YSCP after a year in our home district that did not go very well for our son. The faculty at YSCP were willing to partner with us to create an environment where my son is able to thrive. They think creatively and are eager to try new strategies for supporting his education. He went from a C/D student last year, back to the A/B student that he is.

Regular email communication from the teacher; helpful administrative staff; kindness toward students

Howard and Crescent Miller- Parents

Amit and Niharika Sharma- Parents

It is a positive environment & my child is happy to go to school every day. The languages taught at school has a good influence on my child to learn our mother tongue. The field trips conducted by the school are very helpful to kids in learning. Overall, YSCP is a wonderful school & offers the best curriculum.

Diversity and inclusion are values that I find at YSCP and a big consideration for choosing this school over the regular school system. Diversity and a more global vision of the world. I believe that YSCP fosters respect and understanding by celebrating what we all have in common while still valuing our differences.

YSCP has a strong stance on education. The entire staff is very willing to help students and expressed a top level of compassion for all situation or concerns that students and parent may bring to their attention!

I am just happy that whenever I see the teachers in the school, they are smiling and very welcoming and warming all the kids including my kid.

My child struggled at a public school but has blossomed at YSCP. It has been so rewarding to see my child succeed and gain confidence throughout her time here. I would highly recommend this school.

My child is having a great experience at YSCP. He has gone from not really knowing the alphabet to reading books by the end of Kindergarten. I am so proud of his growth and his teachers for helping him achieve this.

Staff is extremely friendly and understanding. Anytime I have had issues/questions, everything is promptly and thoroughly answered and I’m always felt welcome to bring my questions to the table.

YSCP has offered my child an opportunity to apply what she loves (music, art, dance) into her everyday life. They have encouraged her to use her artistic strengths to deepen her understanding of other topics (science, math) by showing her the parallels of movement and momentum, special design, angles, etc. It has given her a well-rounded experience and motivated her to learn.

Our child is excited to come school and cubs daily, and really loves that he can see himself and others represented in the diversity valued at YSCP. He is developing a sincere love for learning and respect for self and community through his days at YSCP.

I am really impressed with the gentle approach to discipline and the way in which challenging kids are managed; I have not seen this approach before and really appreciate how the staff stay so calm and are so patient with my child and others who can sometimes be difficult. It’s a great school for good kids and it enriches that “goodness” in addition to learning all the textbook information.

I like individual approach and care of teachers and other staff members for every kid in class. When the staff members welcome every kid in the mornings it gives extra confidence for parents.

My daughter loves her school and is proud to be a part of YSCP. She recognizes that her school is a little different than the public schools and loves the special activities she gets to participate in that the other schools don’t have like clubs and languages. She knows she’s learning a lot and likes to perform at a high level to make her teachers proud. This school embraces the whole classroom as a unit and the kids do well for each other not just for their own grades. That is something I was surprised to see and it is an excellent way to teach children how their behavior and performance affects the people around them. That is something a book cannot teach.

I feel that my child has grown and learned to manage himself.

My kid was new to the school this year he meet the teacher before school started calmed his nerves about his first day. The picnic at the park allowed him to meet new friends before school so his first day he walked… Well ran to his class ready to see his friends againThroughoutut the school year we have been able to attend events in his class that have made us all fell like we are more a part of his schooling.

Staff, in general, is very friendly and they all know my kid’s name.

I have observed a number of great things at YSCP. All of the teachers are engaged, friendly, and happy to be there. They all have a passion for teaching children and this is conveyed immediately upon first entering the school. The environment is positive, upbeat, and joyful.

All faculty and staff are always helpful no matter how small the issue. Everyone is always happy and seem to work well with everybody. I like how the CEO is outside to greet the kids every morning and wave to the parents as they leave. The extended day clubs are very good and there is a wide variety of topics to select from.

Teacher-parent conferences have been very helpful. We get a clear and concise briefing on the progress our kids are making. I also like the rubrics teachers use to assess kids ability and progress throughout the academic year.

I love that my son’s teacher works with him and us to help him learn better, and works to help him control his focus on school work. We’re on the same page about how to handle this, and her ideas are great and are working.

Everyone has been lovely!

My daughter loves going to YSCP so much that weekend aren’t her favorite time of the week anymore. She loves sharing her work with me and telling all of the different things she has learn throughout her day. She feels truly connected at school.

I love that YSCP allows for the students to be proud of who they are. Individuality is very important, as well as tolerance of the differences in one another. Individuality and tolerance are of utmost importance in my household..I want my children to be proud of who they are as well as interested and respectful of the differences in their peers.

Warm, culturally inclusive environment. High academic standards. Good balance of traditional academics with the arts and culture. So nice to see PBIS in action, implemented well. It works! My child is motivated to do well, behave well, respect others, and do his best. I feel fortunate to have this school in our community.

I love the small environment. Everyone knows everyone and the friendliness of the staff and students.

The front desk staff is outstanding. Kind, caring, and friendly.

I really liked the different cultural nights, such as Turkish night, I think they do alot to show the children different cultures as our area is not very diverse. I also really like the foreign language programs. My child is excelling in Chinese and Spanish. His Chinese teacher is truly excellent, I am amazed with his progress. The fact that he’s had two years of these languages by grade 2 will help him so much later in life learning new languages.

Our daughter enjoys the different language classes and enjoys seeing other teachers for different subjects such as gym, art and learning support. As a parent, we like the idea of the staff knowing our children. The size of the school and the international theme is appreciated.

The biggest change from traditional public school is that the emphasis is on learning the material and not preparing for the PSSA. There is no undo stress placed on the students regarding the PSSA’s. This refreshing experience has allowed my child to concentrate on the material he’s learning. As we know, children don’t learn well or as much when stressed. My child is thriving at YSCP and likes school again.

Delighted to see my child excited for school each morning.

The variety of programming for languages, arts, and sciences have allowed my children to pursue subjects that interest them in non-traditional ways and help them grow into more well-rounded individuals.

Excellent color chart program used to keep their discipline and participation in class appropriate and challenge them to get to the highest color level regularly.

The conversations and interactions between the staff and parents are amazing and inclusive. I feel like my feelings, thoughts, ideas and suggestions are always heard and taken into consideration.

I like the sense of community and diversity. The fact that all of the administrators and many of the teachers know both of my kids by name, and for good reasons, is very meaningful to me.

The conversations and interactions between the staff and parents are amazing and inclusive. I feel like my feelings, thoughts, ideas and suggestions are always heard and taken into consideration.

Parent-teacher communication also the teacher seems to really care about the individual children.

Anytime I have questions or concerns, my child’s teacher always gets back to me in a timely manner and there is a great open line of communication.

We love the school and would recommend it.

Excellent school where the students can work to their individual levels in each subject while also being exposed to diversity and different cultures.

My children were new this year and made good friends quickly.

Share of information and informative conversations with teachers.

The conversations and interactions between the staff and parents are amazing and inclusive. I feel like my feelings, thoughts, ideas and suggestions are always heard and taken into consideration.

The staff know each student by name. This helps the kids feel more welcome. Teachers are pleasant and easy to communicate with!

YSCP helps provide an interesting, information-rich environment for my child to learn the skills and information needed to succeed as a student and in life by presenting that information in varied ways and promoting the practice of knowledge gained in a variety of exercises.

My child has ADHD and some sensory issues and the school and teachers have been very responsive in working with us as a family to promote a positive learning environment for both my child and the others in her classroom, as well as fostering social behaviors that enrich my child’s school life.

We just love the school and staff would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good school

When my child first came to YSCP even though he was very very active, his teacher tried different teaching techniques to help keep him involved and learning what the rest of the class was learning. When he first came he was well below the grade level. So, with help from the learning support staff, they work hard with him and make it fun. They mix the support so he can still be in the class room with his peers and not fill out of place. He is almost up to grade level. The whole experience at YSCP has been a big relief! With public school I am sure he would not get the help he needs just labeled “BAD CHILD”.

The value YSCP places on diverse languages, cultures and ethinicities result in invaluable experiences that enhance my daughter’s personal and educational development, every day.

Young Scholar’s has far exceeded my expectations. I am so happy that I was able to get my child into this school. I feel like my child is getting a better education at Young Scholar’s than he would have in the regular public school system. The people are all wonderful, and really go out of their way to assist in any way possible. I would highly recommend Young Scholar’s, their curriculum will give your child the skills needed to excel in life and future education.

Both of my children go to Young Scholars of Central PA Charter School. We could not be happier there! I am a very involved parent and communicate often with the teachers. Contrary to some posts, I know that all of the teachers that my children have had are certified elementary teachers with some even having a masters degree. All of the teachers that we have had experiences with are very caring and have my children’s best interests at heart. The staff is all very friendly and I love that the principal knows all of the students by name. I would highly recommend YSCP to any family that is looking around at schools.

YSCP does an excellent job as a multi-cultural school in educating children K-8th grade. The middle school students love the small classes and the friendliness of their classmates in a tight-knit environment where they have great relationships with teachers. Students learn Chinese and Spanish in all grades and they can also learn Turkish. The after school program runs until 5:15 pm and is very affordable.

A community member

Between two states, and 3 other school districts, Young Scholars has been the best fit for my son. He has never been this motivated to learn to read. Speak Chinese, as well as English. And genuinely happy to go to school in the morning. I have not met a teacher, or administrator, that is not willing to go above and beyond to help him, excite him, and motivate him.

YSCP aims to treat everyone, whether student, staff, or parent, like a family. I was welcomed into this family from day one, and I can tell you that I have never worked with such a caring, friendly, knowledgable staff before. Every teacher bends over backwards for the students at YSCP. The staff is not only highly experienced, but many teachers have multiple certifications and degrees. I am proud to call this school home.

A teacher

I could not say enough good things about Young Scholars! The teachers and administrators are wonderful! They are very hands-on with the students. The foreign language curriculums and awesome after-school programs are just a wonderful bonus to an already great school!

I think that Young Scholars is a very outstanding school. All of their testing average is above the State average. The staff is extremely helpful to the parents and students. From the children’s perspective, the teachers get them involved in what they are doing. The school offers extra-curricular activities such as extended clubs, science and math clubs throughout all of the seasons. They also offer plenty of free after school activities with parent permission. This school truly gets students interested in learning. They offer the students many things from the languages such as Chinese, Spanish, to playing an instrument, choir, Science Olympiads, Mathcounts, art shows, and more. This is a truly genuine school.