Admission Procedures

  • It is the intention of YSCP to reflect the community we serve and in our lottery residents of the State College Area School District are drawn first. If we have open spots in our lottery after State College Area School District students are drawn, students from other school districts will be drawn.  Currently, YSCP has students enrolled from the following school districts: State College, Penns Valley, Bellefonte, Bald Eagle, Huntingdon, Philipsburg, Tyrone, Moshannon Valley, Mifflin County, Philipsburg, Bellwood-Antis, Keystone Central and West Branch.

  • FOR KINDERGARTEN ENROLLMENT: Children must be five years old by August 31 of the upcoming school year. While other school districts may have different rules for age requirements for kindergarten, YSCP follows the age requirements of the State College School District. No exceptions will be made.

  • FOR FIRST GRADE ENROLLMENT: Children must be six years old by August 31 to be enrolled in first grade for the upcoming school year, unless they have, or will have, successfully completed Kindergarten, and written confirmation is provided from the Kindergarten program.


  • The re-enrollment process is conducted for the existing student body for the forthcoming year, beginning on January 1st and ending on March 15th of the same year.

  • In each successive school year, students who were enrolled in the school the previous year will keep their seats in the school until they graduate, provided they submit a re-enrollment form.

  • Students who do not submit a re-enrollment form by the deadline (March 15th ) must re-apply during the initial or “open” enrollment period. All aforementioned applicant rules will then be enforced.

  • The initial or “open” enrollment period is avaliable until March 15th of each year.

  • If, on March 16th , there are sufficient seats for all applicants to attend, the applicants will be asked to complete registration paperwork for admission.

  • If there are more eligible applicants than available seats, the school will conduct a manual lottery to determine who will be asked to register.

  • All applications received after the initial or “open” enrollment period will be accepted on a “first-Come, first-served” basis, after the waiting list, generated by the lottery, has been exhausted.

Lottery Rules and Procedures

  • Manual lottery refers to the selection of applicant names by a random method such as the blind drawing of individual names from a container in sequence until all names in the container have been exhausted.

  • The lottery will be open to all, will not rely on computers, and will be easily understood and followed by all observers.

  • Only applications received prior to the end of the initial or “open” enrollment deadline, March 15th , are eligible to participate in the lottery.

  • All applications received after the initial or “open” enrollment period will be accepted on a “first-come first-serve” basis, after the waiting list has been exhausted.

  • All applicants offered a seat shall be required to affirmatively respond to an offer for acceptance within the given timeframe. Those not responding within the given timeframe will have the offer rescinded.

  • Only one (1) lottery shall be conducted by a school to include all grades in which the number of applicants exceeds the number of expected seats available.

  • If the number of Applicants is less than the number of seats anticipated to be available, no public lottery shall be conducted for that grade. Should a seat become available, the next student in line according to the results of the lottery shall be offered admission.

  • All offers of registration shall be made in the order of the lottery results and established waitlist. NO OFFER SHALL BE MADE TO A STUDENT NOT PROPERLY ENTITLED TO THE NEXT AVAILABLE SEAT .

  • The lottery, if necessary, will be conducted by March 31st each year.

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